LAST NIGHT: DJ Brendan Fallis Talks Blending Whiskey With Music #CuttySark

Last night was the launch of Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition (aka Cutty Pro) blended Scotch whisky in Brooklyn. Galore had the pleasure of attending the beautifully curated event in Greenpoint, which include some awesome dancers, live boxing, Crif Dog, Roberta’s Pizza, and an awesome performance from the ever talented Blood Orange. Getting the party started, would hav been impossible without the wondrous DJ Brendan Fallis, who we caught up with to chat about Cutty Sark- how to blend music with whiskey.

Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition Launch Event

When did you move to New York?
I moved to new york in 2007

Did you come here with those aspirations to DJ?
I was working in fashion, i worked for a consulting firm that launched start up brands in the us market. Ad with Djing i can still help people and brands get there name out, like doing this cop event with Cutty Sark and Dev Hynes. Djing a great way to open doors with brands, like Cutty Sark!

How do you like to drink Cutty Sark?
Nothing. Air. A block of ice maybe, to cool it down but that’s it. I’ll be drinking it straight out of the bottle tonight!

How do you think whiskey compliments music?
Well whiskey is a blend of scotches, and i like to blend music together so it works hand in hand.

You GF Is Hanna Bronfman, who also DJs, what’s it like dating another DJ?
We don’t get to DJ together often but when we do it’s a good time.

What’s coming up next?
DJing at Coachella, DJing MTV Movie Awards after party and working on my own music and growing the brand!

Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition Launch Event

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