7 Products to Sample at Sephora When You Have to Get Ready Quick

It’s the middle of the afternoon, you have a fashion show to attend, and there’s no way you’ll make it home and back out again in time for the show. Or maybe you just found out there’s a party after work that you need to look good for. What do you do?

Google Maps: Sephora.

You can pretend you’re above it, but we’re all guilty of sampling the goods at Sephora when we don’t have time for a full get-ready sesh.

So next time you’re bobbing and weaving through the aisles as you hide from salespeople while touching up your makeup, try these seven products.

1. Origins No Puffery Cooling Roll-On for Puffy Eyes

After the long ass day you’re having, you need this. Just put a little on your finger then rub under your eyes for instant cooling and de-puffing effect.

2. Urban Decay Naked Weightless Skin Concealer

When you’re in a rush, the small fixes make the biggest difference. You grab the concealer and not the foundation because fixing dark spots and small blemishes is way more practical that attempting to do a full face beat. The Urban Decay “Naked Skin Concealer” is weightless and has buildable coverage so it leaves a natural look on the skin.

3. Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder

Next you think about all the people who are attending and how hot it’s going to be inside that tent. You grab the Urban Decay “De-Slick Mattifying Powder” to keep your makeup from melting off but also to absorb shine and oil buildup.

4. StriVectin Hair Root Lifting Spray or Alterna Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo 

This one is an either-or, depending on your hair needs. If you have fine or flat hair, you go with the StriVectin Hair Root Lifting Spray because you want to add volume and texture to your hair.

If your hair is still a little greasy from that SoulCycle class (or, let’s be real, the fact that you haven’t washed it in two days), try Alterna’s Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo. This will absorb oils and dirt from your hair.

5. Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection

There’s nothing worse than applying new mascara over old mascara. It feels tight and it leaves your lashes looking a hot mess. Urban Decay’s Mascara Resurrection softens lashes by melting away old product and then lengthens lashes to prepare for a fresh coat.

6. Sephora Collection Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Chipped nails are not chic in any situation and they definitely don’t belong at NYFW. These wipes are individually wrapped and compact enough to stuff inside you handbag once you’re done.

7. Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette

The last thing you grab off Sephora’s shelves is the Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette. The palette has three powders; a bronzer, a highlighter, and a blush. You go for this palette because you know it is the easiest way to add a little dimension and sparkle to your face. You can use the bronzer for a light contour and the highlighter and blush for a strobe effect.

Now what are you waiting for? Go slay that Fashion Week party like the freshly made up goddess you are.

Photo via @urbandecaycosmetics 

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