LA’s Favorite Internet Artist Kyttenjanae On How To Make Everyone Feel Weird

In the age of the #Girlboss, we are always on the look out for young women who are commanding the spotlight in their artistic genre, and kyttenjanae’s iconic art is doing just that. The 23-year-old media artist, who lives and works in Los Angeles, showcases her work on Instagram and Tumblr to a burgeoning fan base. Psychedelic landscapes, hypnotic figures and polished animation are her trademark motifs. The go-to-place for her fans to follow her creative process as well as glean hints about the meaning of her work are Facebook and Twitter, and they’re not disappointed. Within hours of posting updates, kyttenjanae receives hundreds of messages and likes from her fans that connect her art.  The same response occurred when she posted on Vine. Her first four posts received over five million loops.


What’s the attraction?  It appears to be kyttenjanae’s ability to portray the bittersweet connection between infinite beauty and the sadness of the human experience with its endless conflicts, unavoidable isolation and looming mortality. This dualistic reality is portrayed both as a genderless universe with faceless characters aimlessly floating through isolated post apocalyptic scenery and brightly colored cosmic playgrounds populated with characters embracing one another while walking through shimmering lakes and bodies of water. It is a mashup, psychedelic aesthetic of a dazzling, shallow and over-digitized world that rings true in the hearts of her online fans.


So how did all this begin? Kyttenjane’s art started to gain attention during August of 2014 when she performed her first VJ show at Sonos Studios in LA with the well-known DJ, Daedelus. The show was put on by UCLA Arts Software Studio, which brought a team of eight visual artists to show different techniques of using various software platforms in synch with live music. Shortly after the show, Kimbra reached out to kyttenjanae and asked her to develop and perform live visuals for her Space Jam, which was a month long residency at Los Angeles’ Bootleg Theater.


After performing live visuals for various established artists, kyttenjanae was able to continue in this direction and develop her work further on her own. With that, her Tumblr began to gain traction, creating a large fan base whom clamored for more work on a more frequent basis. Kyttenjanae commented on this connection with her growing fan base when she said, “The ability to connect with total stranger, all over the world, regardless of language is the most exciting part of making art in 2015. Because of the Internet, we have access to an unprecedented reach within a community. I am constantly reassured, reminded, and motivated by the connectivity, community, and encouragement I receive online”.


At the beginning of February 2015, kyttenjanae introduced another dimension of her artistic talent, a video game named apoptosis. It was designed as an interactive experience revolving around the themes of death, mental health, remorse, and belonging. Throughout the game, players traverse a landscape through different abstract and isolated structures, all the while looking for a place to call home. In the magazine Kill Screen Daily, they called apoptosis a game that successfully touches on the feelings of isolation and desperation while searching for a place to finally belong.


Shortly after apoptosis came a new music video called “Calypso”, a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world kyttenjanae directed for Dawn Richard, formerly part of Danity Kane. This was followed by a project to create visuals for the opening of DJ Snake’s set at Coachella in Indio, California and live visuals at Low End Theory Festival in Los Angeles, California near the end of August of this year.

Kyttenjanae is set to release new online content, an interactive art game, new live show visuals, a new music video and album art.  Living by her own advice, she has become one woman tour de force in the media art world through hard work, relentless creativity and fearlessly surfing the deep currents of her passion.

“My best advice, regardless of gender would be to post your work online and often,” She said. “Make sure to practice every day. Commit, follow and focus only on the things you are passionate about. Above all, be honest and don’t censor yourself or what you feel. Be raw. Always. Make everyone feel weird.”

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