The Absolute Sexiest Bras From Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel Collection


Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel campaign blew up yesterday with its notion that every body is beautiful, no matter the size. The campaign is all over social media, and we absolutely love the hashtag! Some of us have tits and ass for days, and we just need the proper support. Add in #droptheplus and #effyourbeautystandards, plus France’s ban of underweight models and the fashion world is making great strides towards embracing beauties of different body types.

This campaign is AMAZING, but I have a nudge of fear that the clothes are being forgotten. People are spending so much time hashtagging and singing in celebration, have they even checked out the bomb ass lingerie that the campaign was actually made for!? Here are our favorite bras from the collection, so you can continue being a social justice advocate without your tits hanging to your bellybutton!


Criss Cross Lace Quarter Cup Bra
galore_mag_lane3Embroidered Unlined Full Coverage Bra
galore_mag_lane6 Satin And Lace Quarter Cup Bra
galore_mag_lane4Cushion Comfort Balconette Bra

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