Lana Lovers, Rejoice! It’s Time For A “Honeymoon”

After working myself into a frenzy of over Lana not being nominated for an Grammy, us Lana super-fans have something to make us very happy. Not only do we get two new songs for Tim Burton’s “Big Eyes,” but Lana has also announced plans for her new album!


Better yet, (in my opinion anyways), she states that her new album, entitled Honeymoon, will sound more like her first two albums rather than Ultraviolence. AKA we get the Lana we fell in love with. (not that we don’t worship her in all of her endeavors)


On top of this lovely news, our Lana is also nominated for a Golden Globe for Big Eyes, so we will be watching the award show even more intently than usual.


Now, all we have to do is wait for Lana to finish the album… She has said that she already has nine songs done, which is about halfway there… so we’ll just sit here patiently waiting, playing her last three albums on loop, and stalking the we took of her ourselves.

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