11 of Lana Del Rey’s sassiest moments

Oh, what to say about Lana Del Rey. You know her as the dark and moody singer-songwriter, but she’s much more than that. She’s sultry, mysterious, and gorgeous, but did you also know Lana might be the queen of sass?

Because today is her 32nd birthday, we have compiled some of our favorite Lana moments. From cussing out a random dude at an airport, to being extremely honest, here are the sassy af moments.


1.When she told the paps to fuck off

Since it is in fact her 31st birthday today, why not start with this gem? The paparazzi found her in Paris, where she celebrated her 29th birthday in 2014, and asked her how it felt to be a year older. The birthday girl responds with a heartfelt “fuck you!”


2. When security tried to stop her from signing fans albums and she also told them to fuck off

“Let me fucking do what I’m fucking doing!” Lana screams as one of the green shirted dudes tries to come between her and some fans. You can’t say Lana doesn’t care about her fans!

3. Her response when someone accused her of getting money for performing at Kimye’s wedding

Some asshole, while trying to get her to sign a record (to probably sell on eBay), was giving her shit for performing at Kim and Kanye’s Italian wedding in 2014. He accused her of getting money to do the gig and she was having none of it. “I got money for it? You’re giving me fucking attitude? Jesusssss Chrissssttttt!” This might be my personal fav on this list.


4. When Lana showed some skin for audience ratings

On a French television show, Lana is interviewed by a television screen. One of the questions is what can you do for the audience ratings? Of course, Lana stands up and shows a little cheek. Way to take one for the team, Lanz.

5. When Lana talked about someone holding her boob during a photo shoot. 

If you skip to 1:20 of this video, she starts talking about her GQ Cover Shoot, and how the shoot had a problem until some lent a hand, literally. “Paul, the creative director, was very hands-on with the shoot. In fact, if you see in the magazine in the middle of the spread, you’ll see a hand hoisting up one of my boobs, that’s Paul’s hand! Couldn’t have done it without him!”


6. When Lana wrote her own headline

A reporter at the BRIT Awards asked Lana if she had to write her own headline in the news what it would be, and Lana says, “Lana Del Rey exits hotel with the most handsome man ever seen. Who is he?” Oh Lana.

7. When Lana basically made an entire music video as a huge F U to the paparazzi 

The “High By The Beach” music video is an ode to her hatred of the invasive paparazzi and idea of celebrity. Lana is notorious for being one of the most private celebs, avoiding the spotlight like the plague. So naturally, she made a music video at a secluded Malibu beach house in which the paparazzi find her in a helicopter, flying around the house until she blows it to shreds with a huge Terminator-esque gun. Boom.


8. When Lana was brutally honest about her stage fright

An extremely candid Lana hanging half way out of her soft-top classic Mercedes stopped to talk to the paparazzi, one of which asked her how she mentally prepares for performing on stage. “I freak the fuck out,” she says. Sh*t, I mean I would too performing in front of millions of people.


9. When she asks how the paparazzi always know when she is going to arrive at the airport

Lana arrives at LAX, and the paps are already waiting for her as she exits the airport. Quite sarcastically, she says, “Frankie, tell me something. How does everyone always know when we come to the airport? Are you psychic?” Yes Lana, they are psychic.


10. When the band was off during a show and Lana pulled the car over

At a show in California last summer, Lana was about to perform “West Coast” until she realized the band was slightly off. “You know what, let’s just fucking stop!” she screams. Then she scolds the sound engineers, telling them that the timing was off.



11. When Lana called a fan a little bitch in a comment on Youtube

Before the release of Lana’s short film Tropico, an impatient fan decided to comment on one of Lana’s Youtube videos, asking where the film was. Lana responded, “it’s coming you little bitch”. You can’t even make this sh*t up.


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