Lana Del Rey X Tim Burton For The Next Disney Remake?!


Disney is hauling all the old movies out of the vault and revamping them. We channel the OG princesses on the daily for hair and man candy inspo, so our Disney-centric hearts are literally beating for the upcoming remakes of Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and The Beast. But right now, we’re about to have another Disney panic attack because Tim Burton has stated that he’ll be making a live version of Dumbo in his signature hauntingly creepy style. The original Dumbo is already pretty frightening if you think about it, but if Tim Burton decides to go all Corpse Bride and feature zombie elephants, we might actually faint in the theater. But we’re looking forward to this project most of all because ultimate cover gal and all around Hollywood baddie Lana Del Rey may (or may not) be contributing to the soundtrack! After her hauntingly amazing version of “Once Upon A Dream” in last Spring’s Maleficent, it was clear that the dark princess’ vocals pair perfectly with a Disney remake. Lana coupled up with Tim Burton, baby elephants, and potential circus-induced heebie jeebies? Sounds like a horror movie lovers x LDR fans dream!

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