Lana Del Rey’s Video For “Music To Watch Boys To” Is Probably Very Sad

Yesterday Lana Del Rey debuted a new music video for her Honeymoon hit “Music To Watch Boys To”, and while all the other blogs called it “aquatic”, “etherial,” and “dreamy,” nobody thought to question WTF it actually meant.

While the music video has me stumped, here’s what I can tell you: In the beginning, there was only water. Then, slowly women began to be superimposed on top of the water, in the water, floating around each other with not another soul in sight. The camera pans upward, to gaze at the sun shining on the other side of this aquatic kingdom, and then suddenly, we’ve left the water for a secluded jungle paradise where a neon sign proclaims “Music To Watch Boys To.” Of course, this is where Lana Del Rey hangs out in her spare time. Lounging with an alcoholic lemonade watching gloomy projections of the floating women we saw firsthand at the start of the video.

Seriously, what the f*ck is going on, and is it as sad as it seems?


In an interview with Los Angeles Times, Lana Del Rey spoke about the song’s evocative nature. “The title lends itself to a visual of shadows of men passing by, this girl’s eyes, her face,” Del Rey said. “I can definitely see things.” Things clearly being the operative word. The rest of the music video features shots of pink flamingos, artsy pans over antique film equipment, boys playing basketball, and solo shots of Lana Del Rey wearing flower earrings and a black bustier, covered in glitter and pouting around like a moody cat.

And what’s up with the video’s central motif of the water-bound babes? Are they floating, are they drowning, are they falling in love with each other, or are they just clinging to each other because the boys would rather play basketball with each other than save their soon-to-be-dead girlfriends?  Oh, and did we mention that Lana Del Rey may or may not be one of them?


While it’s not clear for sure if “Music To Watch Boys To” is really sadder than it seems, what is clear is that I have no idea what’s really going on.

Honeymoon is out now on Interscope. Read our review here.

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