Lana Del Rey Teases Honeymoon Because Nine Days Is Too Long To Wait

Honeymoon, Lana Del Rey’s third album comes out in 9 days, and we couldn’t be more excited.  We need something to get us through this troubling time we’re in—summer is ending, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. From here on out, everything around us has an expiration date. Even as we celebrate the beauty of the fall foliage, we know it’s just beauty’s last bloom before the winter comes, and death reigns supreme. While there’s never a wrong time to experience Lana’s hazy, melancholic vision, there’s something perfect about that limbo period that we call early autumn, or perhaps more appropriately, indian summer.

However, 9 days is still a long time to wait.  Thankfully, Lana Del Rey knew that and decided to throw us some scraps.

Called a teaser by some, and a video sampler by few, this video consists of clips from four of the album’s tracks: ‘Terrence Loves You’, ‘Music To Watch Boys To’, ‘Freak’, and one of our favorite songs of the summer, ‘High By The Beach.’  As the tracks fade into each other, a rolling set of hazy, heavily filtered images of Lana fill the screen—first she’s riding around in a car, holding her hat to keep it from flying away, then she’s reading the newspaper in the trunk of a car as if that were the most normal thing a person can do, but generally, she’s doing what she does best: pouting the marvelous moody cat that she is.

Seasons come and seasons go, but Lana Del Rey is eternal.

Pre-order your copy of Honeymoon here.


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