Lana Del Rey is coming out with another summertime song

Lana Del Rey knows how to stick to her brand, which is why the next single she’s releasing is called “Summer Bummer.”

By all accounts it looks to be the thematic sequel to her hit song “Summertime Sadness,” just with less sadness and more ennui.

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Right now, the details are scarce.

We know Lana’s seductively biting on a cherry in the album art and we know A$AP Rocky and Playboy Carti are going to be featured on it, but that’s about it.

According to Genius, A$AP will rap about milly rocking and wrapping Lana in a daisy chain, but who knows!

Well, we all will soon enough because apparenty “Summer Bummer” is dropping next Friday, but here’s hoping Lana takes pity on us all and releases it a couple days early.

If not, that would be such a summer bummer, don’t you think?

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