Lana Del Rey On Whether Or Not She’ll Ever Go Back To Being Lizzie Grant

Part of Lana Del Rey’s charm is the mystery surrounding not only the music she makes, but where Lana Del Rey the persona and Lana Del Rey the person intersect.  As befits a woman who studied metaphysics in college, LDR’s music often brings up more questions than it answers.

Lana Del Rey’s most recent interview from British magazine NME (New Music Express, not that it matters) finds LDR shedding light on where she was when she recorded ‘Honeymoon’, how close to her persona she really is, and whether or not she’ll ever go back to just being Lizzie Grant.

lana_del_rey_nme_galore_magOn what was going on for her personally when she recorded ‘Honeymoon’:

“I guess the first thing that was going on was that I really wanted to have one more record out that was able to speak for me, even if I wasn’t in a place where I felt like speaking about myself. Aside from that I was happy and not really feeling like the album needed to be too cathartic. It felt like a good time to have fun with some elements of psychedelia and surrealism, production-wise.”

On what music she was listening to: 

“I really love Rae Sremmurd so that might be a surprise inspiration. Also Sage The Gemini. I really love listening to some of the people that came out of Atlanta in the last two years. I don’t think I was trying to emulate that sound, but I had elements of it in ‘Freak’ and ‘High By The Beach’.”

On being plugged into the ‘real world’: 

“There is a high fantasy element in the music, but I’m incredibly plugged into what’s going on politically, socially and pretty much in every way except pop-culturally. I’ve had a very real life, and there have been a lot of things that took a lot of strength and wherewithal to figure out… things I’m still figuring out. That’s probably why the music has such an element of escapism to it.”

On the differences between her persona and herself: 

“I guess the biggest difference is that when I’m on stage I’m the centre of attention and when I’m back at home I try to blend in. Obviously I’m singing the songs because they relate to my life. When it comes to guys, I haven’t courted bad guys into my life but I think because I was artistic I never settled for anyone who wasn’t completely enthralled with life or with being different, and that didn’t lend any clarity to my world, although it was enriching in other ways.”

On whether or not she’ll go back to being Lizzie Grant: 

“I definitely don’t need a persona to create music, it’s not a David Bowie type of thing necessarily (maybe that’s not a good reference, he may be completely as I imagine him to be). I just put music out under a different name with a fully realised sound and texture.”

Read the full interview here.

All photos via NME.  

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