Lana Del Rey’s New Song with The Weeknd “Lust For Life” Is Here

Lana Del Rey has slowly but surely been dropping hints about what her new album is going to sound and look like, and her stans are literally foaming at the frickin mouth in excitement.

Today she released the title track from her album “Lust For Life,” featuring everybody’s favorite fuckboy, The Weeknd.

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It sounds a little less moody than your standard Lana song, which makes sense because in the song, Lana and the Weeknd are extolling the virtues of their lust for life which keeps them alive.


And if you love Lana half as much as our resident LDR fan Keely Quinlan whose exact words to me were, “Oh my god. I feel like I’ve been run over,” you’re gonna LOVE it.

Listen to it here.


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