Lana Del Rey & James Franco To Collaborate On What Will Be – Our Favorite Film Ever


Lana Del Rey and James Franco’s friendship has become a relationship that the world, for many reasons, feels invested in. Although it’s not romantically involved, there is such a deep connection between the two artists that it makes it hard not to day dream about what they do together, what they talk about, and what they possibly contribute to one another’s art. Well, by now you have probably heard one of James’ many announcements that Lana is his muse. However, Lana’s understanding of him is still very much a mystery. Since we love Lana for her ability to perplex us, we are left to daydream about future projects they could potentially collaborate on.

Surprise: It might be sooner than later. Have you ever wondered what a James Franco x Lana Del Rey movie might look like? Franco tells Interview Magazine, “She has this idea for a film. I want to do it because it’s a little like Sunset Boulevard. A woman is alone in a big house in L.A. She doesn’t want to go out. She starts to go crazy, and becomes paranoid because she feels like people are watching her. Even in her own house. It’s like an awesome B-movie that lives in Lana’s head. It’s about her, and it’s not about her. Just like her music.” If this is true, their combined abilities are sure to not only create our favorite movie, but will definitely inspire a brand new Lana soundtrack. Fingers crossed.

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