Lana Del Rey ‘Going Out With a Bang’ on Third Album Honeymoon?

Our favorite ‘sad-girl’ popstar Lana Del Rey has released a date for yet another single off her third studio album, set to release sometime this fall, which if you’ve been keeping up with all things Lana as of late, you know will be entitled Honeymoon. An official audio was released last month for the album, a haunting violin-infused tune paired with Del Rey’s typical “bluesy” prose.

The artist posted the artwork for High On The Beach, a possibly self-explanatory track that will be released next week, however, there are already multiple rumored tracks leaked on Youtube by unofficial users, one even entitled LanaDelReyVEVO. One track has Del Rey, in typical “daddy-pleaser” fashion, crooning “I’m going out with a bang” in the chorus, while the other features the singer sweetly singing “I’m gonna be a staaaaaar” over the sounds of an acoustic guitar. The real question; are either of these actually the anticipated track or are they both fraudulent? Or do we even care because we could listen to LDR serenade us with her magical pipes all day?


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