Lana Del Rey Just Released a New Music Video for ‘Freak’

Last night, Lana Del Rey premiered her new 11-minute long music video for “Freak” online and at a special premiere at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, and this morning we’re still decoding all the 60s hippie symbolism Ms. Del Rey included.

The video begins with Lana Del Rey and fellow indie musician Father John Misty playing some sort of Charles Manson-type figure, who may or may not be a cult leader/Lana Del Rey’s creepy boyfriend who likes to massage her aura while he walks behind her.  

Whatever their relationship is, something seems off.

Finding the perfect clearing in the wilderness, the two sit down on a rock, and Lana feeds her man a tab of acid that’s been floating around in the bottom of a Kool-Aid-filled cup. As you can imagine, after they tune in and drop out, things get pretty weird.


As with all Lana’s work, she resists giving us easy answers, so it’s up to us to try and answer the questions the video poses.

Take your own stab at figuring out wtf is going on, and watch Lana’s music video for “Freak” below:

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