Lana Del Rey Has A New Song & It Made Us Cry

Our sad girl Lana Del Rey just tore our hearts out once again. As if we aren’t depressed enough!? Seriously though, Lana just gets us. We like her because she takes our feelings and translates them into words. Her heart has been broken as deeply as our own and she’s not afraid to let everyone know it. Maybe her fearless approach to love is why she’s a goddess. We all exit relationships with the intent to win, but once love is lost, there really is no winner. Lana sings, I don’t know how you are, or how you may be, but I know I love you still.” THAT IS F***ING SAD! I AM CRYING! GODAMMIT LANA! Anyway, here’s Lana’s new song in collaboration with Emile Haynie. If you cry, at least try not to mess up your perfect cat eye (Oh wait, only Lana has a perfect cat eye).

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