Lana Del Rey Brings Out The Big Guns For “High By The Beach” Music Video

At the end of the day, Lana Del Rey is a simple girl. She may be famous, beautiful, and beloved by James Franco, but all she really wants to do is get high by the beach. The infamous pop star has never been more relatable.

In “High By The Beach”, Del Rey’s newest single from her upcoming album, Lana Del Rey moodily pouts and poses throughout her gorgous, beach-side property while a helicoptor looms in the background, presumably keeping watch over the glamorous starlet, preventing her from pulling out her stash of marijuana and living her life. Whether this is a stand in for the ever-watching eyes of the paparrazi or simply how her rich, obsessive boyfriend shows his “love” is entirely up to you.  As always, Lana resists giving us the easy answers, allowing our imaginations to fill in the cracks of her narrative.

The music video comes to a climax when Lana goes down to the beach, crouches behind a rock and pulls out a guitar case that turns out to be housing a very large gun.  Because this is music video life and not real life, Lana takes said gun and presumably shoots the helicopter down and then spends the rest of the song meditating on how vengeance can be a tool to achieve peace.  Charming.

However, at least we all learned a valuable lesson from the music video: don’t try to come between Lana and her marijuana.



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