Lady Gaga Spent $295,000 On Shoes This Weekend Because Of A Dream She Had

Lady Gaga is an eccentric human being.  That may be a duh-type statement, but since the queen of avant-garde pop has been spending a lot of time recently flirting hard with normcore, it bears repeating.  After watching her romp through a collection of American jazz standards (read: dated music your grandparents got down to) with the ever-so-relevenat Tony Bennett, announce her engagement to a wonderful man, and  perform a medley from the “Sound Of Music” wearing a ball gown, I thought that maybe Gaga was just done.  You can only keep topping yourself for so long, and once you wear a dress made out of meat, there’s only so far you can realistically go.  I thought we had finally reached the end of an era, but just as I’ve been many times before, I was wrong.

This weekend, Lady Gaga spent $295,000 on three pairs of Alexander McQueen Armadillo boots, exactly like the pair she wore in her “Bad Romance” music video.  Only 21 pairs were ever made, and Lady Gaga now owns three of them.  And these aren’t ordinary shoes, they’re shoes that look like they would kill any ordinary person who had the balls to try them on.


In a memo for V Magazine, Lady Gaga shared her motivation for the purchase, and spoiler alert: it was because of a dream:

“There is no diamond, no award, nothing I ever wanted more than a memory of my brief friendship with McQueen. I am sad every day that I enter my closet, knowing he is not here anymore to dazzle the world with his beautiful, dark, limitless, brave mind. These shoes are the only tangible piece I have left of our work together. They came to me this morning, after a dream I had again about him. As the dream goes, I enter my closet and his clothes are no longer there. I’m tortured. The loss is deep. Mourning in my own way constantly, why he is gone, he was so talented. I hate the empty space, not only in fashion, but in the creative consciousness that fizzled when he passed. This morning I got the call I would now be the caregiver to three pairs of armadillo platforms, just like the kind I wore in the “Bad Romance” video, the shoes from his crescendo collection “Plato’s Atlantis,” the ones that made everyone gasp from the front row because they had NEVER seen something like them before. I was reminded this morning that he is still here. He is everywhere. In every store window. In the designs of commercial mainstream retail, fashion, in music, in the heart of every young designer that wishes he could be as free and as fearless as McQueen was. I cried all morning, convinced he was with me. Convinced that I’m loved from somewhere far beyond the eternal body and mind, outside of all the chaos. He wanted me to have them. They made their way back to me. I am here today not just because of my talent, but because he believed in me. My weird brand of art pop manic expression of my emotions was the part of me he knew he taught me. I will be grateful long after I pass and join him wherever it is they put souls like us. Long live McQueen.”

Welcome back, Lady Gaga.  May you, your fiancé, and your shoes be very, very happy together.


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