Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show Was Iconic

Galore has a lot of feels about Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show — so many that we are writing multiple pieces about it. The following review reflects the feelings of its author and not the feelings of Galore. If you want to hear from someone who actually hated it, click here.

When a musician is chosen to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime, it means they’ve reached a high point in their career. When Beyoncé performed in 2013, she reached a new level of acclaim.

In other words, she truly became an icon.

At this year’s Super Bowl, Lady Gaga basically ensured her status as an icon alongside many of the other Super Bowl performances. Her production and presentation of her art shined (literally, did you see her body suit? Can you on say Swarovski?) so brightly. She was daring and risqué like the bygone Lady Gaga we all still talk about.

Some may disagree with the idea that she was good, but you have to admit she did some crazy sh*t. Who else would have the guts to jump off the roof of a stadium in front of an army of illuminated drones?

We might not have seen much “Born This Way”-era Gaga on “Joanne,” her latest album, but she brought that back at halftime. In fact, I feel like I got to see just enough of old Lady Gaga to realize how crazy and unique her artistic development has been from “The Fame” to “Joanne.”

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Her most shocking talent has been and will probably always be her ability to embody her emotions through the songs and nearly perfectly crafted visuals. The choreography and level of production were all on the same level tonight. That kind of crazy af synchronized crowd with lights was next level extra and I really appreciated it.

Stuff like that happened the whole time, and there was never a dull moment. I had emotionally budgeted for a little disappointment if she pulled any of that boring crap from “Joanne,” but her performance of the only good song on that album, a.k.a. “Million Reasons,” was goose-bump inducing. It was also really cute when she shouted out her mom and dad? I’m not a sap but that felt like such a genuine moment for her.

Most of the performance felt authentic. It was nostalgic, which I think after all we as a country have been put through in the last year is actually something we probably needed.

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However, I can see where some might say that because of this nostalgia factor, she, unlike Beyoncé and Madonna, might seem or feel aged and irrelevant right now. They think she’s peaked. But I think that’s exactly what was necessary about it, especially considering all the collectively experienced turmoil at the moment.

But honestly, if you really want to compare her performance to say Madonna or Beyoncé’s, it’s like comparing apples and oranges – yes, there are obvious differences! But you have to realize and appreciate her for who she is, not in comparison to every other performer.

Lady Gaga has established herself as one of the most singular artists ever, with a Super Bowl Performance to match.

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