Laci Kay Somers Shares 10 Playboy Bunny Fitness Tips


Ever look in a magazine and see models with tiny waists but somehow colossal boobs and butts that make you feel bad about your own body? We’ve all been there, and we comforted ourselves by thinking “she’s just Photoshopped.” Laci Kay Somers is one of those magazine girls, and she’s not Photoshopped at all. Besides being a model for carousel magazines like Playboy and Shredz, she is a certified personal trainer and nurse, so we knew she would have some great, but realistic fitness advice to share with our Galore Girls. What woman doesn’t want to look like she just stepped out of a magazine?! Get the bod of your dreams with Laci’s 10 diet and exercise secrets.


What are your top 5 diet secrets?

1.It’s important to not skip breakfast.

2. People think skipping meals will make them fit. It’s actually the total opposite. About 5-6 smaller lean meals per day will keep your metabolism on track.

3. Avoid fast or processed foods.

4. Drink lots of water.

5. Make sure you rest!! A lot of people over train. You need to give your body time to break down and rebuild.

What are your top 5 exercise secrets?

1. I always workout with weights!

2. Mix cardio and weights, proper form is a must and the key to all your workouts.

3. Mix it up, always do something new to trick your body from a plateau.

4. Super setting is a good way to burn out and keep your muscles growing.

5. Consistency is key, you might not see results right away but keep going and you will get there!

What’s your daily exercise regime?

Morning fast cardio on the stairmill, then eat breakfast head to the gym for weights. 4 days out of the week I also take an hour long kickboxing class at night for extra cardio!

What’s in your grocery basket?

Some key things I always have in my basket are almond milk, peanut butter, tofu, egg whites, spinach, fruit and veggies, and lots of PH water!

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