Kylie released footage of herself pregnant in this sweet video for her baby

In case you didn’t get the memo yet, Kylie Jenner not only confirmed her long-rumored pregnancy today, but also announced her daughter with Travis Scott was born Feb. 1.

And to add to the hysteria of Kardashian-Jenner stans, Kylie also released an 11-minute video to her daughter in which she appears pregnant several times.

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Here’s the first look we get at pregnant Ky:

Here’s another shot:

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The video contains footage of her friends and family, at what appears to be a baby shower and a few other events.

We even get a first glimpse of the new baby, though her face and name remain a mystery:

Oh, and we also get a few full-on shots of Chicago West for the first time ever. Jesus, Kylie, give us an hour to compose ourselves before you drop any more massive baby news bombs today, okay?!?!

Watch the full video below.


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