Kanye Says Kylie’s Not Collabing With Puma After All

The Kendall + Kylie collection launched last night, and Kylie’s Jenner’s lip kit sold out within minutes of its release — the youngest Kardashian-Jenner has a lot to celebrate these days.

Now, according to Us Weekly, Kylie’s next move is a collaboration with Puma, the sneaker brand that you may remember Rihanna working with recently as well. Their source claims that Kylie will be making a full seven figures from the deal, and also that she’ll probably work as the brand’s ambassador for a period of time.

UPDATE: Neither the Kardashian or Puma camp had commented until last night, when Kylie’s brother-in-law, Kanye West, put up some strongly worded tweets that lead us to believe that the deal hasn’t actually been inked yet.

Obviously Kanye could be bluffing. Even more likely: he’s joking around. But it makes sense that Kylie might not do the deal since she’s appeared in Yeezy fashion shows before — and Yeezy is part of Adidas, a direct Puma competitor.

We can all agree that Kylie’s Pumas look cute either way:

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