Kylie Jenner swears she’s “never had a drink before”

In the “Life of Kylie” season premiere, Kylie said that the only thing that was different between her and any other kid her age was the fact that she had a lot of money.

But that’s not true. There’s one other major difference that Kylie conveniently forgot to mention.

Because unlike every other just barely underage kid, Kylie Jenner swears she doesn’t know what alcohol tastes like, because she’s never had a drink. Ever.

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During an interview with Buzzfeed, Kylie was asked what she’s looking forward to the most about being in her twenties.

Unsurprisingly Kylie responded, “Probably turning 21. I feel like that’s fun.”

And then after a short pause, as the laughter came tumbling out of her she added, “You know, I’ve never had a drink before, so I just wanna know what it’s like.”

Although TBH, it’s not that crazy of an admission.

I also laugh whenever I speak truths in front of a camera, and before I turned 21 I never had a drop of alcohol either.

Just don’t ask any of my friends from high school to confirm that. Or any of my friends from college. Or any of my enemies. Just don’t ask anybody and trust me on this one, OK?

[H/T Buzzfeed]

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