Kylie Jenner Suffered A Wardrobe Malfunction, But It’s Not What You Think

So you know how when you get invited to a fancy party, or a dinner at a restaurant with at least two dollar signs on yelp, you tend to ditch your high-waisted jeans and crop tops for something that looks a little classier? 

Yeah, well apparently Kylie Jenner didn’t get that memo, because that’s basically exactly how she showed up to last night’s 25th Glamour Women Of The Year Awards.


Last night, Caitlyn Jenner was a guest of honor at the 25th Glamour Women Of The Year Awards, and Kylie Jenner was on hand to support her father, but instead of showing up in a skintight dress that emphasized her 18-year-old body, Jenner showed up wearing high-waited black pants, a black turtleneck crop top, an oversized vintage denim jacket, and a backpack. 

To put things into perspective, Caitlyn was wearing a custom Moschino gown.  Like, WTF Kylie?  Why you gotta pick this night to dress like you’re going over to your bestie’s house to smoke a bowl and pass out while watching America’s Next Top Model reruns? 

As it turns out, Kylie was the unfortunate survivor of the type of wardrobe malfunction that never gets talked about: the kind we don’t see happening.


Kylie Jenner // Instagram

Hours later, Kylie posted a pic of herself on the carpet with the caption: “Had some major wardrobe malfunctions but that couldn’t stop me from supporting the ones I love. You’re amazing @caitlynjenner congrats on being woman of the year for @glamourmag”

Guess you see something new every day.

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