Here Are All the Clues Pointing to a Kylie Rap Debut on Kanye’s Album

Last night, while the rest of the world was squeezing in that last Netflix before bed, Kanye West let it be known that he had put the finishing touches on his new album, Swish. 

According to Kanye, not only is Swish “the best album of all time,” but it may also contain a surprise feature from Kylie Jenner. 

It all hinges on three words blatantly scribbled out in a different pen than the one the croissant-eating god used to write out the rest of Swish’s tracklist: Kylie was here.

In the immortal words of Justin Bieber, what do you mean, Kanye? What do you mean?

According to Hollywood Life, it may have something to do with Kylie Jenner’s secret fantasy of becoming the world’s biggest female rapper. Kylie has been in the studio the last couple of months with Tyga recording her first song,” said some very in touch source. “She plans to debut the single on her app. She eventually wants to record a whole album and top the charts. She really thinks she’s going to be the next Nicki Minaj.”

On the other hand, it could just mean that Kylie was literally there when Kanye wrote out the track list.

The only thing we do know for sure? Kanye West has very bad handwriting. 

Clearly, we all have a lot to look forward to on February 11th. 

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