Kylie Jenner Put The Bangs In Banging At The Video Music Awards

After a weekend’s worth of blue-haired selfies, all eyes were on Kylie Jenner to see how she was going to make her first public appearance as an adult.  However, instead of going for Katy Perry Chic, Kylie took a page from her twin, I mean her sister’s book, and opted for a nude long-sleeved Balmain mini dress that made her look like the sophisticated young woman she is.

Our little baby has officially grown up.

Pairing her elaborately stitched dress with a handful of jewel-encrusted rings, a bronze rectangular clutch and a pair of laced-up high heels, Kylie was a vision in nude at last night’s Video Music Awards.  However, the crowning achievement of Kylie’s VMA ensemble were really her bangs.

After an entire weekend of getting wiggy with it, even though she knew it was time to retire her blue bob, she just couldn’t resist trying another one on for size.  Even though her outfit shows that she’s all grown up, her wig shows that she’s not ready to give up on being a kid just yet.

Plus, her hair has never looked shinier.  Seriously, maybe we should all think about investing in a nice set of wigs for formal occasions…or maybe we should just leave it to the professionals.

And then, because Kylie is Kylie, she decided it was time for an outfit change and switched to something a little more comfortable.

Talk about putting the bangs in banging.

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