Kylie Jenner Finally Got a Pet Chicken

Kylie Jenner already has one million pets, but there’s always been one that’s eluded her.

A chicken.

And on Sunday, Princess KyKy finally got the barnyard animal she’s been dreaming of.

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Last year, Kylie famously confused a pig for a chicken because that’s how badly she wanted a pet to cross the road to get to the other slide with her.

“I love chickens,” Kylie revealed on Snapchat last October. “I’m like, dying to have a chicken.”

Luckily for Kylie, rich girls don’t have to worry about not getting what they want.

Ladies and gentle farmers, meet Eddie.

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He’s white, fluffy, and has what Kylie describes as a “strong neck game.”

And just like her ex Tyga, Eddie lives for Kylie’s handouts.

Hope he’s all you ever dreamed of and more, Kylie.

If not, then just like Tyga, Eddie’s gonna get kicked out of Kylie’s house.

TBH doesn’t it suck when your ex has so much in common with your pet?

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