Kylie tried the Nicki Minaj challenge and it didn’t work out

Did you know that there was something called the Nicki Minaj challenge?

And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with putting shot glasses on your body parts to make them look bigger a la the Kylie Jenner challenge of yore.

It has to do with Prague, bitches, and twirling yourself around while walking.

And even though she gave it the ole college try, Kylie just didn’t have it in her to pull it off.

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The origins of the Nicki Minaj challenge are easy to chart.

Nicki posted a video of her sweatsuit-clad frame getting ready to get on her own private plane, telling the world, “This is how bad bitches arrive to London and then go to Prague. You bitches can’t even spell Prague.” And then she started doing her best fierce runway walk down the tarmac, complete with a pirhouette.

And now there are 14,822 posts on Instagram alone captioned #NickiMinajChallenge where plebes like you and me try and re-create this iconic Nicki moment in their decidedly less glamorous world.

And recently, Kylie Jenner gave us her own half-assed attempt.

Carrying a package of pomegranate seeds, Kylie slowly turns herself round, seemingly stumbling on her heels as she softly intones with very little energy, “You bitches can’t even spell Prague.”

Don’t fall now sis #KylieJenner #NickiMinajChallenge

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Oh well. In her defense, bitches probably can’t spell pomegranate either, you feel?

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