No Surprise: The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge Is An Epic Fail

I’ve always had small lips, lips almost as small as Kylie Jenner’s lips in this photo:


However, unless you live under a rock, you have realized that little Kylie Jenner has become sex-bomb Kylie Jenner, with the DSL’s to prove it (if you don’t know that DSL is an acronym for dick-sucking lips, get with the program).

Rumors have circled that she’s undergone plastic surgery, or that she’s just really good with a contour brush and lipliner. However there’s a new trend emerging in the mystery of Kylie Jenner’s lips: the suction cup.

This suction cup method is what those “breast enhancing” ads in the back of your National Enquirer Magazine promise. By suctioning a part of your body, you will cause it to swell and look bigger temporarily (this also works with penis pumps, FYI).

Naturally, we all want to be like Kylie, so people around the world decided to try this trend for themselves. The results weren’t pretty…


Kylie_Jenner_Lip_Challenge_Galore01 Kylie_Jenner_Lip_Challenge_Galore01

For your own safety, I have not posted the more disturbing photos (one person broke the glass and ended up cutting through their skin), but if you so wish you can do a quick search of #kyliejennerlipchallenge on Instagram or Twitter.

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