How to Get Kylie Jenner’s Lace-Up Denim Style

These days, Kylie Jenner’s been taking a break from dressing like a trendy, glamazonian teen to focus on wearing what’s comfortable, like bike shorts and wife beaters.

But on Tuesday night she figured out a way to get the best out of both worlds.

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Dressing down for a casual night of nomming down on sushi rolls with her friends, Kylie wore a lace-up pair of denim jeans with slides, a white tied-up t-shirt, and a beanie she probs-def got from Hot Topic.

Which may explain why she insisted on trying to hide her face with her purse.

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May 30: #KylieJenner leaving Matsuhisa restaurant in West Hollywood.

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While lace-up leggings were all the rage this winter, lace-up denim hasn’t exactly taken the world by storm yet. But maybe it should.

It looks a lot less extra than a lot of other denim trends at the moment plus it’ll lend your boring old denim just a hint of thottyness.

Kylie’s jeans are a $189 pair from Good American, but here are some other lace-up styles that cost a lot less but look just as cute.

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The side lace


If you were lusting after lace-up leggings all winter, this lace-up denim style is probs-def up your alley.

Buy them here.

The flare


Flares are all the rage right now, so if you want to maximize on the trends of the moment, and also hide your ugly summer flats, this lace-up denim is calling out your name.

Buy them here.

The crotchal


Don’t these pants just scream, I’m so comfortable I could just fall asleep right here right now and be perfectly happy?

Seriously pants that are also PJs are always a good investment.

Buy them here.

The crack



Buy them here.

The just the tip


If you’re just like Kylie, and you only want to commit to just a hint of lace-up, this denim’s for you.

Buy them here.

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