Kylie Jenner Isn’t A Human Being, She’s A Kardashian

Kylie Jenner is not a human being.  She’s a Kardashian.  Well, technically she’s a Jenner, of course, but bae looks, dresses, and takes selfies like a Kardashian.  Instagram is her weapon to remind us that we are but mere mortals.  She may only be seventeen, but Kylie already looks better in a bikini than you ever will.

It must be hard growing up with reality TV camera in your face, documenting your every move.  In 2007, when E! began airing Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner was nine-years-old.  As the baby of the family, it’s probably hard for Kylie to remember much of a life before she and her family became American royalty.  She grew up as a public figure.  Dumb kid things like swinging around on her Mom and Dad’s stripper pole, yeah, she didn’t get to keep that moment for herself – everybody saw it, and everybody had their own opinion about the disastrous fate that would befall the tiniest of the Kardashian Klan.

Today, the Internet buzzes whenever she changes her hair color or posts a picture with her rumored-boyfriend Tyga, quick to label the teenager as a slut or a horrible role model.  Does nobody remember what they were like when they were teenagers?  Teenagers may be babies to the rest of the world, but that’s not how they see themselves.  In their eyes, they’re already grown, and their greatest tragedy is that nobody around them realizes it.

The truth is, there’s more to celebrate about Kylie than there is to criticize.  In the past week Kylie has been a mermaid on dry land.


A Teen Vogue covergirl.


An au natural bikini-wearing babe.


A cotton candy princess.


And a girl straight out of a music video.



Once again, this has all been in the course of one week.

At an age where most of us are still wearing clothes we bought from the mall, Kylie Jenner is experimenting with more looks than some of us ever achieve in a lifetime.  Sometimes it pays to be a Kardashian.

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