Kylie Jenner Just Put Together The Only Holiday Gift Guide You Need This Year

Sometimes figuring out the perfect gift for your parents/sister/lover/BFF is easy, and sometimes you spend all afternoon wracking your brains and shopping the Internet, only to emerge from the experience 2 hours later with a headache and a half-off sweater for yourself on the way.  But don’t worry, this year Kylie Jenner is here to help. 

Kylie may be 18-years-old, but she’s also wise beyond her years, and so this year her holiday gift to the world is a set of holiday gift guides that the people in your life actually want (instead of a bunch of products beauty and style editors, or let’s be real, interns, push on you because that’s where the money’s coming from). 

Here’s the best of the best:

For The Mom Who Knows Best

“If your mom is anything like mine, she’s super busy being a boss.  So it’s important that she also be treated like a total queen.”


A $150 electronic, wireless eye massager which uses “a combination of intelligent air pressure, vibration and hot compress massaging technology” and also “plays nature sounds for added relaxation.” 


A $195 set of Swarovski dice because your mom is your best friend and only you know about her secret gambling habit.


And a $25 Christian Lacroix notebook that’s embossed in gold because your mother’s thoughts/feelings/concerns are priceless.


For Your King Who Deserves It All

It’s important to show your king love all the time, but I def recommend giving him something dope this holiday season to show just how much he means to you.”

*Writer’s note: While I have a slight issue with calling my boyfriend my king, since this is the holiday season and all, I’m just gonna go with Kylie on this one and hope for the best.



A $685 ‘girlfriend’ backpack.


A $60 phone UV sanitizer and universal charger, which is both confusing, intriguing and the kind of tech bs boys always tend to get off on.


And a $300 Wi-Fi-enabled camera that’s both digital and instant at the same time, which is perfect for snapping quality nude pics on the go, which just might be the perfect way to tell your boyfriend that you love him.  


For The Sister Who Has Everything

It can seem impossible to find the right gift for someone who’s on top of every fashion and beauty trend, like my four sisters.  So it’s nice to surprise them with something so fresh, even they don’t know about it yet.”


A $70 Cuisinart soft serve ice cream machine, complete with its three chambers for toppings as well as cone holders – perfect for your sister who’s just decided to give up on dieting forever.


$75 Ugg earmuffs that double as iphone players (seriously, is UGG paying those girls or what?)


And a $40 contouring kit, because there’s no time like the holidays to tell your sister that you don’t like her face.


For The BFF Who’s Like Family

Family is bomb, but there’s nothing like a ride-or-die.  ‘Tis the season to be merry and show lots of love to your BFF!”


A $200 box of assorted thongs, because friends don’t let friends wear granny panties in public


A $695 Ballenciaga wallet, because maybe if you buy your BFF a really, really nice wallet she’ll stop losing hers.


And last but not least, these $10 santa socks, because Kylie knows you’re probably broke AF.


All photos via Kylie Jenner’s app/website.

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