Kylie Jenner’s Skincare Line Will Be Your New Ride Or Die


Kylie Jenner is always up on Instagram is always up on Instagram showing off the latest and greatest in beauty skillz. If you follow her account (and who doesn’t), you know that she’s always hash-tagging Nip + Fab, a British skincare brand that I never would have heard of if it wasn’t for Miss Kylie. Welp, get ready for even more posts endorsing Nip + Fab because Kylie has been named their brand ambassador! We know from the time she posted a makeupless selfie that Kylie’s skincare routine must be off the hook. I assumed that she was heading to the facialist weekly to rescue her skin from foundation suffocation, but actually she just uses this cheap yet fab skincare line which can be snapped up at Target. Hopefully it’s powerful enough to rescue your skin from the pizza grease you probably drunk-slathered all over yourself. First product you should try? The Glycolic Fix Range, a makeup removal/cleansing line which brightens your complexion. Try out Kylie’s favorites and let us know what’s your #beautymusthave?!


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