Kylie Jenner Has Been Stuck In Her Cartier Bracelet for 4 Years

Kylie Jenner, arguably the most fashionable sister in the Kardashian family, is known to rock a stack of Cartier bracelets on those super-famous wrists of hers (5 Cartier Love bracelets, to be exact). Yes, the 18-year-old wears a solid $40k worth of wrist accessories on the daily, but it’s not as glamorous as one would think. Why? Turns out Kylie has been unable to remove her first Cartier Love bracelet for nearly 4 years now!

Miss Kylie took to Snapchat to document her wrist liberating adventure. But to her dismay, even the Cartier store’s security guard was unable to free her from her golden shackles. Cartier is known for their excruciatingly frustrating tiny locks, but dear god, let a bitch’s wrist breathe!

Either Kylie is super busy or really good at being mysterious, because the starlet left out one thing on Snapchat—the resolution. We don’t know if the bracelet came off or if the bracelet is stuck on her arm forever, but we seriously hope for the safest outcome. Although, if she did have to wear Cartier for life, would that really be a bad thing? We think not!

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