Kylie Jenner Is Finally 18 And She’s Got The Swimsuits To Prove It

After having what was quite possibly the most lavish 18th birthday ever, complete with outfit changes, a platinum weave, and a brand new ferrari, Kylie Jenner decided it was time to slow things down. While for most 18-year-olds this would mean hanging out with your friends by the pool, mixing juice with as much vodka as you can comfortably steal from your parents, and talking about what college is gonna be like, in the words of Khloe Kardashian, Kylie isn’t like most 18-year-olds. After all, why should you have to the pool like a basic bitch when you can fly you and your friends to Mexico on a private jet?

Although, to be honest, there’s another reason why Kylie decided to go to Mexico: she wants to give you some space while you get used to the fact that it’s not creepy that you think she’s hot anymore. Everyday while you’re adjusting, Kylie is going to wear a new bathing suit specifically designed to make you feel warm and tingly inside.  To help you adjust faster, she’ll change at least once a day, to give you a chance to get to know how her curves look in every color and every cut of water-resistant fabric.  But don’t worry, there’s no need to rush your attitude adjustment because Kylie’s packed enough sexy swimsuits to last a lifetime….or at least until Sunday when she has to fly out to Canada for her wet birthday fete.

Here’s what Kylie’s sexy adult body looks like in a strapless purple bikini:

Here’s what it looked like in a high-waisted, vintage fuchsia one-piece:

And here’s her in a slightly ill-fitting strappy white number, walking hand-in-hand with her now out-and-out boyfriend, Tyga

Happy adjustment period, everybody.

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