Kylie Donated $10,000 to Jordyn Woods After Her Dad Died

Kylie Jenner is a generous friend to have in your corner.

Back in August she allegedly gave Tyga $480K to bail himself out of all the back rent he owed his landlord, and on Friday she donated $10k to help her BFF Jordyn Woods after her dad died.

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Last Wednesday, Jordyn’s father passed away from cancer just two weeks after his diagnosis.

Obviously, his death came as a surprise to his family, who were still coming to terms with the fact he had cancer in the first place.

“This hit us from nowhere. We are emotionally, mentally and financially impacted and are still not aware of his this devastating loss will truly impact our family,” wrote Jordyn’s mother.

Jordyn’s family subsequently created a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money to pay for his hospital bills and funeral and Kylie didn’t waste any time before she stepped up to the plate and donated $10,000, writing “I love you guys very much.”


True friendships run deep, especially when your pocket book runs even deeper.

[H/T Cosmopolitan]

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