Can You Guess Kylie Jenner’s Most Liked Instagram Of 2015?

Kylie Jenner had the kind of 2015 that most of us only dream of having.  Over the course of 365 days, she went from being the runt of the Kardashian litter to arguably becoming the most popular of her siblings, not to mention one of the most talked about celebrities period.  

On Instagram alone (not to mention Snapchat, her most dominant medium), Kylie has 46.3 million followers, which makes her one of the top 7 most popular celebrities of IG.  Other celebrities on the list?  Her older sister Kim, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift who currently tops the list with 60.5 million fans. 

This year, Kylie’s 46.3 million fans helped her to accumulate over 1 billion likes on Instagram.  So since we’ve entered the as-yet-to-be-nationally-recognized period of reflection, Kylie posted a collage of her top 9 posts of the year.  While it’s easy to see why some of those photos received over 1.8 million likes, others are surprisingly refreshing. 


 First off, it’s important to note that it’s insane how many of her photos have at least a million likes.  And by insane, I mean it’s most of them.  Out of her top nine photos, 2 have 1.8 million likes, 4 have 1.9 million, and the rest have between 2 and 2.3 million.

4 of the pictures were selfies, taken between 46 to 18 weeks ago, featuring a then 18-year-old Kylie in a mixture of two piece bathing suits and neutral casual wear.  Surprisingly, it’s one of the latter that received the most likes: 2.1 million to 1.8 and 1.9 respectively. 





2 feature Kylie posing with other celebrities.  Her promotional image with her sister Kendall Jenner got 1.9 million likes while her glamorous snapshot at what life behind the scenes with Tyga looks like received an even 2 million.



The last three are pictures of Kylie being Kylie.  One features Kylie giving us one of our first glimpses into her Internet breaking lip kit collection, one features a wet and wild Kylie getting sensual for the camera, and surprisingly, Kylie’s most liked photo of the year is a picture of the then-17-year-old in a cap and gown, posing with her high school diploma that earned her 2.3 million likes.  




Like her or loath her, Kylie Jenner is a social media force.  Here’s to whatever 2016 may bring her. 

All photos via Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account.

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