Behind the Scenes of LFW With Stylist Kylie Griffiths

British It girls are in a league of their own — they practically inspired the entire rock music genre. So when one of them offers to give you a glimpse at her LFW, you say yes.

Kylie Griffiths is a stylist to stars like Lionbabe, Ciara, and Tinashe, who also features in ad campaigns on her own. She kept track of all her London Fashion Week activities through her iPhone camera and shared them with Galore.

Check out her photos and commentary from a week of fashion shows, parties, and brunches — and getting snapped by a few street style photogs.

1. Hanging out in some fancy toilets, taking a breather between the shows. Gotta love a good toilet selfie.

2. Clio Peppait’s presentation was amazing. She created her own Motel style set — she’s a mega babe and one of my favorite designers.

3. Love the Phiney Pet presentation. That denim dress is straight from my dreams.

4. Quick pit stop at the ASOS offices for their gifting suite with mega babe Kate Stewart — cheers for the goodies!

5. Merch girls at the Mary Benson presentation. #hairenvy

6. Christian Cowan Sanluis having an LOL at Mary’s presentation.

7. Mary Benson’s presentation made all my pop punk dreams come true, with Blink 182 and Sum 41 covers, alongside a collection of dreams.


9. All pink everything. Lurking about on the streets on the way to Galore’s LFW party.

10. Breakfast with the lovely Chiara Ferragni. Soz about my tired face.

11. Beetlejuice dress vibes at Pam Hogg’s event, I always dress to match hallways.

12. Hanging out after shows in the world’s brightest coat. Thanks Antipodium!

13. Rushing to Sibling, in my new favorite tracksuit. What’s not to love about a tracksuit covered in Mexican wrestlers?

For more from Kylie Griffiths, follow her on Instagram.

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