Kylie & Friends Tried Out Some Edgy New Looks This Weekend

May 1 might not mean a whole lot to you, but it means everything to Anna Wintour and the posse of celebrities she keeps under her thumb at all times.

Because tonight is the Met Ball.

This year Anna’s trying to make everybody wear edgy, sculptural designs to honor Rei Kawakubo, the edgy, sculptural designer behind Comme Des Garcons. But since that’s not how most of young Hollywood dresses, Kylie and her friends spent their weekend practicing how to pull off their new lewks to varied success.

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Bella Hadid kicked off the weekend by wearing a blue ribbed sweater with visible underwire beneath her boobs.


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And on Sunday night she wore a lace-up, underboob-exposing pink top with matching windbreaker-esque pants.

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April 30: #BellaHadid leaving Cipriani in NYC.

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Kendall posted a picture of herself wearing waist-high boots and no top.

playing dress up

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Then she walked around New York in a sweater with ribbons on the sleeves that were so long she probably had to work overtime to keep them from trailing on the dirty, dirty NYC ground.

4/30/17: Kendall out and about in NYC – #kendalljenner

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And then she showed up to Travis Scott’s birthday party in a ruched, see through top, tucked into a pair of leather pants, over a boob shirt with neon green heels.

4/30/17: Kendall and Bella Hadid out and about in New York City – #kendalljenner #bellahadid

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Hailey Baldwin dressed like a straight up Jedi.


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And Kylie Jenner experimented with some Yeezy-looking underboob.

one more time

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And then straight up wore workout capris to her maybe boyfriend’s birthday party, which is a whole different kind of edgy.

New York yesterday 💗

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Can’t wait to see what they all come up with tonight.

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