Krysten Ritter Isn’t Just The Best Female Superhero, She’s The Best Period

Mornings suck. Whether your alarm is set for five in the morning, or sometime in the afternoon, waking up can be just short of a traumatic experience…even for superheroes. Well, retired superheroes, at least.

In the first teaser for Netflix’s latest series, Jessica Jones, we catch Krysten Ritter in the seconds before her alarm starts chirping. Given the fact that her bedroom is covered with dirty clothes, an upturned, empty liquor bottle, and what looks like the remains of yesterday’s snacks, it’s clear that it’s been a long night for the retired superhero, who’s trying to rebuild her life from the ground up as a detective.

At exactly 3PM, her alarm springs to life. Just like the rest of us, Jessica Jones is not having it, but unlike the rest of us, she has a special way of dealing with alarm clocks she’d rather not heed. Regardless of whichever superpower you’ve previously dreamed of having, prepare to add this one to the top of your list.

Krysten Ritter may be playing a superhero, but after watching this trailer, a million cries of “same” will come echoing out of every social media outlet known to the feminine soul.

Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix on November 20. Until then, binge on Krysten Ritter goodness by reliving the short-lived, but profoundly hilarious Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23.


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