Kristen Stewart Is Unrecognizable As Coco Chanel

Or at least she is emotionally.

Now that she’s no longer staring in a movie franchise I had to be high on pain killers to sit through, all eyes are on Kristen Stewart to see what kind of actress she’ll grow into being.  Will she go the Meryl Streep route and opt for serious roles that will get her nominated for Oscars time and again, or will she be like Parker Posey and star in offbeat comedies and cult films? 

Time will tell, but for now the actress is set to star in the Karl Lagerfeld-directed Chanel short, Once and Forever.


The 11-minute film will premiere at the label’s Metiers d’Art show in December, and will star Stewart as an actress preparing to step into Coco Chanel’s legendary shoes.

If the BTS reports from WWD are anything to believed, Once and Forever will show us a side of Kristen Stewart that we’ve never seen before, playing a diva-ish bitch of an actress who “locks horns with practically everyone on set.”  Juicy.


Ladgerfeld has reportedly told WWD that Kristen is, “one of the greatest actors of her generation. She gives the right emotion and the right intensity so it’s very easy to work with her…so good.”

But don’t take his word for it – check out two short previews of Once and Forever now at WWD’s website.

All photos via WWD. 

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