Krista Santiago On Wearing Workout Clothes Outside Of The Gym

Photographer, Are Bernard, caught up with Krista Santiago on one of her ritual runs and snapped a few pictures of the model glowing in her favorite leggings and sports bras. Jealous? Don’t be. Krista also gave Galore the exclusive on how to workout just like her. “Putting on cute gym clothes and taking a look in the mirror at how cute I look builds my confidence and gives me a purpose to go to the gym. Where else am I going to wear these cute workout clothes other than to the gym?” she said of why she’s in love with workout wear. As a tomboy who just wants to be comfortable, Kristina can’t wear leggings on a daily basis. Where does she draw the line? “I am not a fan of the girl who wears yoga pants everyday. We know your butt looks cute in them, but switch it up!”

Favorite Workout Wear Brand: I’m a very loyal Nike customer, but I just got my hands on Young & Reckless‘s new activewear and I am IN LOVE! They’re so comfortable and stylish.

Number One Tip For Upping Gym Style: Make your gym outfit pop with some color. Whether it’s a pair of bright pink sneakers or a lime green sports bra, adding color will always make your outfit fun. I also see a bunch of leggings with mesh and scrappy sports bras that are definitely cute inside and outside of the gym.

Three Things Always In Your Gym Bag: Cookies & Cream Quest Bar (obsessed), a water bottle (it’s important to stay hydrated so you can get the most out of your workout), and my iPhone (duh! and there’s a really great workout app that I use religiously called Nike Training Club).

Song That Pumps You Up: Any Future song! He always gets me in the mood to crack a sweat!

Photographer: Are Bernard
Makeup: Racine

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