Kourtney K Rejected Scott’s Marriage Proposal Cuz She’s Savage AF

Despite reports that Kourtney Kardashian was trying to make things work with her baby daddy Scott Disick, their relationship is officially dunzo.

He proposed to her while they were on vacation in Costa Rica and she was like, nah, thanks for trying though.


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“Scott proposed to Kourtney,” a Kardashian source revealed to Us Weekly, “not with a ring” just three words: “let’s get married.”

Theoretically, this could be kinda sorta maybe romantic — a spontaneous proposal from a longterm boyfriend sounds like the button to a romantic comedy your mom would watch on an airplane and think was okay — but Kourtney wasn’t into it.

Without telling the camera operators filming their every move to stop rolling so she could have a private moment, the source says “she told him no,” leaving Scott “embarrassed, upset and angry.”

I bet.

Dudes don’t like it when you tell them no — especially when you manage to do it on film.

So Scott did what any other embarrassed, upset and angry dude would do in this situation: he allegedly flew in a 20-year-old model to try and make his baby mama angry.

But it backfired.

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Kourtney didn’t care about the other women cuz she was so dunzo, but she pretty pissed he flew over these randos when he was supposed to be hanging out with their kids.

What a douche nozzle!

While it’s anybody’s guess whether this marriage proposal situation was for real or just for the cameras, one thing’s abundantly clear: the Kardashian fam is really doing everything they can to make this next season of KUWTK as dramatic as possible.

[H/T Us Weekly]

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