We Talk Cultural Barriers With Lifetime’s New Fave Fiancés

There’s a new show on Lifetime that has everyone talking. “Kosher Soul” follows the lives of Los Angeles stylist Miriam Sternoff, who is Jewish, and her fiancé, southern comedian O’Neal McKnight on their adventures before saying, “I DO”. There’s a hilarious dynamic between the two, and their honesty makes for quite the entertainment. We don’t just love it for the expected drama of Miriam trying to blend O’Neal’s southern traditions into her life, we love how affectionate these two soul mates are and are happy to see two people overcoming cultural barriers on national television. We decided to talk to Miriam about the brand new show. Read it below and watch it on Lifetime tonight!

Galore Mag Kosher Soul

How do you blend together your traditions and your fiancee’s traditions and keep everyone happy?

We have so much respect for each other and for each others’ families and traditions. And with that as a foundation, we will find our way!

How do you deal with relationship criticism from friends and family members?

We have a saying in our house, “There are only two players on this team; everyone else is just a spectator”.

What’s the best part about dating someone from a completely different background than your own?

The best part of dating someone from a different background is always discovering something new. We both help each other look at life through different eyes. 

We know O’Neal converted to Judaism to make your family happy, but is he still gonna be allowed to celebrate Christmas?

O’neal actually was the one who approached me about converting. Of course it made me and my family ecstatic that he was going on this path, but I don’t make those kinds of demands. For us this is still uncharted territory. I have so much faith in the strength of our relationship that I know we will work it out.

What shocked you the most about O’Neal’s living habits when you moved in together?

O’neal is basically a girl. He pushes me out from in front of the mirror, changes clothes several times and asks my opinion on the day’s outfits. That is one of the things I love about him – it is like living with my best girlfriend.

What’s the best part of dating a comedian? Is there anything he does that is just not funny at all?

The best part of being married to a comedian is the non stop laughter all day, every day. Comedians have a way of seeing right into the heart of things, and living with O’neal has helped me to have a lighter touch as I view the world. At 2 am O’neal will wake me up and start a comedy routine. I have to say that nothing is funny about being woken up at 2 AM.

How did your deal with Lifetime come about? What was it like to have cameras watching and capturing your every move?

O’neal came up with the idea for Kosher Soul about 4 years ago, and because of this he is also a producer on the show. Through a mutual friend we were introduced to Melissa Cooper at Ish Entertainment, who executive produces our show. Several networks expressed interest in Kosher Soul but it was Lifetime who immediately recognized the chemistry between O’neal and I, and their team was enthusiastic about venturing into a new kind of unscripted show. We never felt that the camera was intrusive, as the show was such a labor of love for all of us that we never felt suffocated by the presence of cameras or crew.


Photographer – Landis Smithers
Hair/makeup – Nadia Mohammadpour

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