Kongratz Kimye: 5 Afterthoughts Kim’s Probz Had Since She Said Yes!

After having dated for nearly 18 months (oh, and a f***ing BABY together), Kanye finally popped the question to Kim last night! On Monday night, the rapper rented out AT&T Park in San Francisco and surprised the reality tv star by flashing ‘PLEEEASE MARRY MEEEE!!!’ on the field’s scoreboard while an orchestra serenaded Kim with Lana Del Rey’s Young and Beautiful and one of Kanye’s hits, Knock Me Down. They were immediately greeted my family and friends who were hiding out in the dugouts to celebrate the happy couples long awaited engagement. Seeing as how her mother is currently through a divorce herself, this is her THIRD marriage, AND she’s marrying the cockiest man in the entertainment industry, we can only imagine that this is what was going through Kim’s mind after saying yes.

5. OMG you guys, this is like, my THIRD marriage!


4. MOM, you should’ve leaked this out to the press already!


3. SHIT, I need to call Riccardo to start designing my dress!!!!


2. What do you mean I’m only getting $100 Million for my third E! Wedding Special?!?!


1. I’m marrying Kanye West!


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