The pros and cons of the KKW Beauty contour kit

People have been buzzing about the new contour kit that was just released by Kim Kardashian West. From what I’ve heard there have been a bunch of mixed reviews about it. I decided to see what this kit had to offer and ordered it. I mean, it’s KKW, the queen of contour herself. It has to be at least okay, right?

It came in the mail early this week and of course I needed to play around with it. The packaging itself is pretty sleek, and super low-waste which I really appreciated.

Really all you get are three off-pink tubes. The first stick has the actual contour colors, on one side there’s a lighter shade, and on the other a darker shade.

The next tube is the highlight stick, on one side is a highlight with a matte finish, and on the other is a really subtle glowy and dewy highlight. And finally the third tube is a tool for the makeup. On the one side you have a super lightweight brush, and the other side is a pointed sponge. Like so:

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I had really high expectations for this kit, and I was not disappointed. I’m really into “no-makeup makeup” and that’s what I feel like you achieve with this kit. It makes your face look sculpted out and really thin, but it also makes you feel like you have a nakey face. I genuinely couldn’t believe how lightweight it was.

The product glides so smooth across your face, and is absolutely build-able when it comes to if you want it more intense or more chill vibes.

One aspect I thought was super helpful was the straight-up directions that came with this kit. If you’re a newb to the makeup scene this legit is a “dummy’s guide to contouring” kit.

One other positive I noticed was the shape of the tip on the sticks. They’re super fine and have a triangle shape to them which makes it super simple to put the product in tough corners, like your inner eye and nose.

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Along with all the perks though there are always going to be negatives. What I didn’t really like about this kit was the dullness of the highlighter, and the sponge on the brush it came with.

I’m really into accentuating the “good” parts of my face. This highlighter does that, but it doesn’t give me the shine I crave. It more or less made me look like my face was sweaty/wet. Does it get the job done? Yes, but it’s not my fave look.

The second part about this kit that I wasn’t a fan of was the sponge on the brush given to you. The sponge is SUPER hard, it’s like trying to move product around on your face with a rock. I also really didn’t even like the brush it came with either… Sorry KKW baby.

If you’re like me this was an easy fix, I just whipped out my beauty blender. You can use brushes, silicone, or whatever you find to be easiest for you.

Key Takeaways…

I love this crème contour and highlighter duo personally. I like how she has four different shades, one for every skin tone. I chose the medium shade for the summer and was a fan of both colors on the contour stick. I get pretty tan in the summer so I would recommend medium for someone with an similar tone.

I think it’s definitely worth the $48. This is pretty much spot-on with other contour kits in Sephora, and it can be found HERE. If you’re really into an easy, light and natural looking contour this is your best bet!

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