Kitten Talks Sex Drive & Tips For Being A Badass Babe

Chloe Chaidez is taking over the world with her sexy Galore Girl confidence, fashion prowess and killer pop vocals as lead singer of Kitten. We caught up with the badass band bae and she dished on her love for Lana, tips for being a boss bitch and what drives her crazy in bed.

Galore - Kitten - Sex Drive - chloe chaidez

Any sound advice for being a badass babe?
Eat lots of hot cheetos, be fabulous and pretend you’re 15.

Who are some of your pop queens?
All three of the Powerpuff Girls, Madonna – forever and always, Pebbles and last, but not least, Lana.

Galore - Kitten - Lana Del Rey

Tell us a little about your “Sex Drive” – what are a few things that drive you crazy (in a good way) in bed?
A hot ass guy that can call me his baby girl.

What are the keys to conquering a music festival?
A great show, a hot outfit and your favorite stuffed animal.

One word to describe your style:

Galore - Kitten - Sex Drive - chloe chaidez

What are three of your go-to online shops when stocking up your tour wardrobe?
eBay, V-files, Ali Express and a thrift store in my hood.

Your self-titled record is a Galore Girl’s dream. Any chance 2015 will bring more Kitten tunes?
100 million percent #KITTEN2K15

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