The Secret To Clear Skin Can Be Found In Your Fridge

“Djali, what is this brujería you’re up to?” my mom asks as she opens the fridge and sees containers of random concoctions I’ve stored. You can honestly save a shit ton of money just by opening your kitchen cabinet, pulling out a few of mother nature’s gifts, and smacking it on your face. So here it goes.



Although I’m not a huge fan of honey by itself, it does come in handy in sweetening my tea and clearing up my skin. Honey is a natural antiseptic, meaning it’s a moisturizer and helps fight acne. By dabbing it on a few problem spots, they may begin to disappear, depending on your skin type. I also like adding brown sugar (cue D’Angelo’s sexy ass voice) to the mix, as it helps remove dead skin.

Plain Yogurt


Surprisingly enough, the acids in plain yogurt smooth dry skin and prevent premature aging (which is something I’m not really concerned about since I look like a baby…). It’s also really good as we enter the summer because it reduces discoloration in acne scars as well as sun spots.

Olive Oil


Aside from making pasta and garlic bread that much better, olive oil also acts as a cleanser. Since it dissolves, it doesn’t strip your skin. If you use this you may see results in acne. It will definitely leave your skin feeling super smooth.

Apple Cider Vinegar


I didn’t really believe my grandma when she told me she put this on her face. I’d always say, “lol, kk grandma, let’s put that back in the cabinet.” But, truth is, there is a method to grandma’s madness. If you mix apple cider vinegar with water as a toner, you’ll be able to control oil build up in your pores as well as calm rosacea-prone skin.

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