Lifestyle Enthusiast Kirsten Rinck Can Get You In Tip Top Bikini Shape

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of advice a lifestyle enthusiast could give you, Kirsten Rinck is here to let you know! From kale to bikinis, she has advice for every girl trying to get in shape for festival season. Get healthy, below!

Galore Mag Kirsten Rinck

I just read that cauliflower is the new kale. Thoughts?

For sure it’s the new kale! While kale is great, you can do so much more with cauliflower. Besides being a personal trainer I’m also a Paleo chef, and cauliflower is a major staple in the Paleo diet. I often use cauliflower in place of rice and wheat. For example, substitute cauliflower in place of fried rice and pizza crust. When I’m short for time I’ll take a whole cauliflower and lather it up with olive oil, sea salt, cracked pepper and let it roast in oven. Simple and delicious! 

Best way to get bikini ready in under a month?

Set attainable goals you know you can stick with. Choose unprocessed whole foods and foods containing lots of protein such as a big juicy steak or bacon! In my opinion, 90% of what you eat affects the outcome of your goal body. When it comes to fitness, don’t take on too much too soon. Increase your levels of activity gradually rather than overdoing it. Workout five days a week with three consecutive days of exercise and one day of rest. Perform twenty minutes of cardio a day whether that be endurance running, swimming, walking, elliptical or something you’ve never tried before such as interval training(ex:suicides). If you are short on time or get bored easily try jumprope, because it is a sure way to increase your heart rate in a short amount of time.  In addition to cardio add in strength training. My tried and true  strength moves are planks, wall sits and various resistance band exercises for my upper body. I always say that a strong core is the foundation for a killer body. There is no need to be a gym rat to be in the best shape of your life. All you need is a great playlist, fresh air, plenty of water and yourself! 

Best healthy snack that you can carry in your beach bag?

When I think of the beach I think of fresh fruits. However fresh fruits are not the easiest item to keep fresh when it’s friggin hot outside and you don’t feel like lugging around an ice chest. Therefore, pick up some freeze-dried fruits(my fav are raspberries). Make sure to read the label, bc the only ingredient should be fruit…no added sugar or nasties! Freeze-dried fruits will also satisfy that sweet tooth you can’t kick and are great when you want to snack on something crunchy.

How can we get skinny yet still eat chocolate?

I could spit out and repeat some facts about the benefits of chocolate, but we are going to eat chocolate no matter the pros or cons! When buying chocolate look for 70% or higher cocoa content. Yes, it will be a little bit more bitter than you might prefer. My favorite painless chocolate snack is to melt down the chocolate with a Tbsp. of coconut oil, and then pour a thin layer in a pan covered with wax paper. Next put some toppings! Try sea salt, unsweetened shredded coconut, goji berries and almonds. Once done adding toppings place tray in freezer. Once chocolate is frozen break up into pieces and you have chocolate bark! 

Best quick workout to get a big bootie?

Here’s a quick workout you can perform anywhere: 30 squats, 25 donkey kicks(each leg), 20 plie squats, 15 bulgarian split squat(each leg), 20 single leg glute bridge, 40 second wall sit. Repeat X2.

Tip: add ankle weights and while staying flat footed think about pushing through your heels more than the balls of your feet when performing squats to focus on the backside rather than the quads. 

What do you tell yourself when you don’t feel like working out to get motivated?

Even as a personal trainer I have my days when I can’t bring myself to workout even though I know I’ll feel better once I get out and start moving. I always tell myself and my clients to plan on working out for just ten minutes, and usually end up working out much longer than expected. 

Favorite sports bra you’ve ever owned?

A black Lululemon Twist Bra Long Line, because it has medium impact support, no padding, trendy cutouts and a strappy back. It’s longer than most sports bras so I feel ok wearing it on its own apres sweat with some harem pants and slides..yeah for athleisure! 

Go to gym shoes? 

Obviously, my all tan pumaXsolange trainers. They make a statement and are super wearable when training in a gym environment. Also, the nude sneak really helps give the appearance of a longer leg;)

Are Lululemons still the best workout leggings?

This is a tough one, but honestly my answer is YES! They always hug my legs just right and the waistband always sits on the perfect place of my waist. From my experience they never fall apart and are good quality for the price. I have my fair share of various designer workout leggings and my runner up to my lulu leggings are my…wait for it…forever21 leggings!  

Tip: when buying leggings for yoga buy leggings that sit higher at the waist so when you are getting in tough poses you don’t get tummy folds. 

What kind of bag do you take to the gym?

I’ve tried to get in the habit of having a gym bag, but I always end up bringing my everyday white leather backpack. I walk a mile to yoga, and the backpack works out great for me, especially if I’m having impromptu drinks afterwards;) I would recommend taking a small gym bag and carrying the essentials..I always pack water, an extra tank, deodorant and dry shampoo.

Galore Mag Kirsten Rinck

Galore Mag Kirsten Rinck

Galore Mag Kirsten Rinck

Galore Mag Kirsten Rinck

Galore Mag Kirsten Rinck

Photos By Alexa King

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