KingSophiesWorld Talks Power, Bombshells And Her Penis Patches

“King Sophie” didn’t just create a brand, she created her own world, where anything and everything she, and you, could possibly imagine can become a reality in the form of one-of-a-kind sequin patches. From penis-lipstick combinations, to rosettes that read classic slut-shaming terms such as “Bitch,” “Cunt,” and “Slut” anything you want can come out of Sophie’s sequin studio in the UK. Besides whatever vision she conjures up to recreate out of her needle, thread and box of multi-color sequins, she also recreates anything that her loyal customers, which include fashion icon Gwen Stefani, and her eleven thousand Instagram followers wish to conceive. Not only does Sophie have the monopoly on the most unique patches you want to stamp on to the back of your favorite denim jacket, but she also has quite a few opinions, and valid ones at that. If you’ve ever read her personal blog, you know that she’s all about that female power, and she’s not afraid to tell the stereotypes women are categorized in to go fuck themselves, however, I wanted to ask Sophie what she really thinks of the term ‘Pussy Power’ amongst other “girl-isms.”


What do you think of the way women dress and why?

KS: Its a common assumption that women dress to appeal to men and to gain their approval. I find this to be a very one-dimensional way of viewing women’s relationship with clothing and entirely alien to my experience. Personally, my interest in clothing has nothing to do with men, its a form of self expression! Its important to me that I dress in a way that feels ‘me’.

What about women and makeup?

I asked the patriarchy why it assumes all women who wear makeup are ‘superficial’ and ‘insecure’ because you know, I wanted to know what planet they’re on. They told me its because all forms of ‘feminine’ expression are inherently trivial and that women exist to please men. So I was like “but what if women see their face as a canvas and find it empowering to create an image that they want to see? What if they just find it boring to look the same 24/7?” They told me I think too much. I know what it means to me though, like clothing, makeup is another form of self expression.

The idea of Pussy Power?

The phrase ‘Pussy Power’ would never come out of my mouth in describing an empowered woman. It just makes me cringe, imagine acknowledging a man’s achievement by saying ‘Dick Power!’

What to you defines a bombshell?

To me a bombshell is someone who exudes glamour and stands out in a room, you’re drawn to them. Someone like Dita Von Teese.

Also, do you think the US and UK have different ideas of female beauty or different beauty standards? 

I wouldn’t like to say what differences there are between UK and US female beauty standards. One thing that stands out to me about the British is that we’re more eccentric and laid back in style, its not cool to be a poser or a try-hard.

Your patches are so unique, I swear some of them are genius. I want to get to know the story behind some of them. 

The Penis Lipstick: 


The penis lipstick patch was a part of the ‘ban this’ collection that explored online censorship. I love how realistic it turned out!

The “Movie Slut”:


The Movie Slut patch was a custom order, someone came to me asking if I’d do it, I think its a cute idea!

Totally reminds me of the whole “Netflix & Chill” trend.

The Heart Vagina Patch:


A few years ago I made a vagina patch along with a penis patch. I put the penis patch on the front of a skirt, I wanted to disrupt the gender stereotypes people make about clothing. Many people think that just because you identify as a boy you must wear ‘masculine’ things, if you’re a ‘girl’ you must wear ‘feminine’ things, which is very restrictive. I’m really interested in the psychological relationship we have with clothing, I think its an important part in realising our identity. We all know the feeling of unease of walking around in clothing that simply doesn’t feel like ‘us’, we can’t verbalise why but it just doesn’t. Clothing definitely has the ability to affect how we feel about ourselves. Clothing should be a form of empowerment, to become whoever we want to be.

The Slut Rosette:


I wanted to take a word that is used to shame women who express their sexuality and wear it with pride instead. The effect of humiliation, is that it makes you want to hide away. So in defiance I wanted to make the patch as glittery and as in your face as possible! Subversion appeals to my sense of humor.

You’re doing a “cabinet of curiosities” collection for Halloween, right?

I’ve always been interested in otherworldly and macabre stuff, so Halloween is a perfect opportunity to just make more of the things I like!

Do any of your halloween patches (or any patches in general) remind you of a really bizarre Halloween story or experience?

I love ghost stories! I think the creepiest thing that’s ever happened to me is when I was younger I kept seeing a grey apparition in my house. Although I love it, I’m a massive scaredy-cat when it comes to this stuff, much to my friends amusement.

Get your favorite patch, or create your own in Sophie’s World, and shop her Society6 collection as well. 

All photos courtesy of KingSophiesWorld Instagram

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